Emergencies can happen any time. A person has to be careful all the time but still he or she has to be prepared for everything that could ever happen. Speaking of emergency, it could be a medical one or related to your sanitary issues, you always need a hand to help you and get you out of such situations. Following is the list of must have emergency contacts to keep on your list.



What could be more serious than the health of your family? If you ever encounter any sort of medical problem, you can call doctor right away to have yourself checked. Sometimes we are out of time and every second counts so in such cases, calling our doctor right away could save time as well as someone’s life.


You must be thinking the presence of a plumber’s number on your emergency contact list. Believe me it is as important as any other emergency contact number on your cell phone. Suppose you being a social person, having a party at your place and the bathroom flush just choked up or the water tank just got out of the water, what would you do? Do you want to feel ashamed in front of a large number of people? In contrary, if you have your plumber’s number saved in your cell phone, you can call emergency plumber brisbane northside right away and he could do your things done.


Electricity is the most important thing ever invented. Today, each and everything revolves around electricity. From our morning breakfast on E-stoves to late night movies on Netflix, everything involves electricity. We are so used to to electricity that we could hardly imagine a day without it. You may encounter any sort of issue related electrician any time. Suppose you have a cake in progress for your mother’s birthday and the oven stops working or its your sister’s wedding and the decoration light won’t work. Having an electrician number can save you from bad timings.


If you are a travel buddy then you must have the mechanic’s personal cell phone number saved on the top of the contact list. The reason is that a travel and a long drive lover would get his or her mood on for it anytime and if that time doesn’t suit your car, you might get in trouble. If you ever have to go to the neighboring town to attend a gig while you have to bring instruments with you and your car says that it doesn’t want to move, you might need someone to deal with its mood swings. Yes you are right, that would your mechanic.